Desktop Hulk World on His Shoulders Tour 2003-04
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Yes, there are rules.

There are two levels to taking part in The Desktop HulkWorld on His Shoulders Tour 2003-04.

The first level is simple audience participation. Post ideas for what you would like to see lifted. If its not too damned heavy or not too impossible to balance the hulkSitter will attempt to have Hulk lift it.

The second level is actually being the hulkSitter. This is where it gets complicated...

In order to be the hulkSitter you must first qualify...

hulkSitters will be chosen using a system similar to the Shotgun Rules as follows. After the end of a hulkSitters turn, hopeful participants can post a request to be the next hulkSitter. The first person to post after the end of current hulkSitters turn gets first chance to be the new hulkSitter. Simple no? Bear in mind that once a new hulkSitter is chosen then all requests are void until the end of that hulkSitters turn. You can not reserve a position in advance. New hulkSitters will be favoured over experienced hulkSitters.
Just because you win the call doesn't necessarily mean you will become a hulkSitter. In order to prove your capacity as a hulkSitter you need to supply evidence of having access to the following two abilities.

1 - The ability to take instant, digital photgraphs.
This can be a digital camera, a mobile phone camera, a webCam or even a Polaroid camera and a scanner. The only restrictions are cameras which take an hour or longer to develop the film. I used an £800 semi-professional Fujifilm digital camera for my Desktop Hulk images but you can get cheap digital cameras now for as little as £20 - you don't need high quality images, just recognisable ones.

2 - The ability to post the photographs on the forum.
So basically you will need your own web space and FTP software or some other method of image hosting. There are plenty of free image hosters around that don't even need FTP software so you shouldn't have any troubles there.

You will need to prove you have access to these and this will be done by myself asking for an image of my choosing to be PMed to me. Don't worry, it won't ever be anything too difficult to photograph but it will be different everytime so you won't be able to preprepare one and it must be done as quickly as possible! Once this requirment has been met you will be announced as the new hulkSitter in this thread.

Once you have been announced as a hulkSitter you will need to PM your postage address to the current hulKSitter. Remember to include a name - especially if you live in halls or with other people - I'd rather Desktop Hulk didn't get lost in transit. The previous hulkSitter (or me) will then send you Desktop Hulk.

Once you recieve Desktop Hulk your duties will officially begin. You may want to start the ball rolling by taking and posting one or two snaps of Desktop Hulk lifting stuff. Once everybody knows you have Desktop Hulk then they may ask you to have him lift things - do your best to meet their requests. You will then have Desktop Hulk for a total of 48 hours from your first post. Once this 48 hours has expired the 'shotgun' rules will come into effect. Feel free to carry on taking and posting images once your time has expired - you only need to stop once a new hulkSitter has been confirmed as you will then have to package him up and post him on.


Basically the aim of the game is to post as many pictures of Desktop Hulk lifting stuff as you can before having to pass him on. Because it is a world tour it would also be nice to see some shots of Desktop Hulk either near or lifting items relating to his current location - ie, landmarks, souveniers etc.
Desktop Hulk will also be traveling with a passport. Please stamp (or draw a stamp, or put a sticker on) one of the pages on this passport to mark all the places he has visited - again, souvenier stickers or whatever would be good.


I will be posting Desktop Hulk in a C5 padded white envelope. Desktop Hulk and his passport shouldn't weigh much more than standard first class fare so one or two first class stamps should be enough to get him to his destination. It would be nice if you let the next hulkSitter know what sort of package to look out for when passing him on.


If you don't know what the fuck this is all about and would like to, check the Hulk Lift! thread in The Chatlog


For all you lazy fuckers that didn't read the rules.

Q. Who gets Hulk Next?
A. Who ever calls hulkSitter first when the current hulkSitters turn has ended.

Q. How long is a turn?
A. 48 Hours from the hulkSitters first post of Hulk Lifting something.